Our first wonderful speaker!
Our first wonderful speaker!

Are you interested in speaking at our Science Café Woo events? Great! We’ll love to have you.

Because our main goal is increase the awareness of the science being produce locally in a non-academic style, we ask our potential speakers the following questions:

  1. Are you actually involved in research projects? Our speakers must be active researchers.
  2. Have you ever received federal funding to do research? We believe taxpayers should be informed of how “their money” is being invested, thus we encourage any researcher with federal funding to share their histories in our events.
  3. Is your company/employee a non-profit organization? Our events does not have any commercial interest, thus if your company/employee is a for profit organization we need to be sure that’s not the interest of the speaker.
  4. Have you ever presented your results to a non-scientist audience? If so GREAT! If not, this does not exclude you for being a speaker, just that you might need extra practice to do it.

Science Café Woo speakers are usually interested in:

  • Educating the public about the scientific research they are involved in.
  • Enjoy thought-provoking discussion in a casual venue.
  • Find out what public reaction is to their research.
  • Share their enthusiasm for science.
  • Represent their institution and helping to achieve its outreach goals.
  • Practice their communication skills in a relaxed setting.

If you feel sympathetic with those interests then you might want to share your research with us!